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NSW Australia 2011

    Tim Watt

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    From mixing Dabin’s album ‘Wild Youth’ to enhancing the sonic landscape of Crooked Colours’ ‘Langata’, Tim Watt’s journey is punctuated by standout achievements. His ongoing collaboration with Seeking Blue Records, and early successes mixing Hermitude’s ‘Every Day’, and MUTO’s ‘Arcane’ EP set the stage for a career marked by excellence.

    Ever since Tim’s earliest memories, music has been an immersive journey, a path he explored through the intricacies of records, lyrics, and the emotions they evoke. From playing in bands during his 20s to the realisation that his true passion lay in producing and mixing, Tim’s musical odyssey has been marked by an unwavering dedication to the craft.

    Tim doesn’t adhere to a singular style; instead, he embraces each project as a unique opportunity to serve the music. Whether a heavy-handed touch is required or a delicate finesse, Tim views himself as a collaborator, tirelessly working to bring the artist’s vision to life. Recent mixing for Midnight Kids, JVNA, and PINES, as well as spatial mixing projects for Hilltop Hoods, Vera Blue and Cat & Calmell underscore his versatility.

    While technical precision is a cornerstone of Tim’s work, the paramount focus remains on how the music feels. Maintaining a broad perspective on the song’s essence and the emotions it seeks to convey, Tim navigates the intricate balance between the big picture and the finer details.

    Listen to Tim’s Work on Spotifyon Apple Music – and his Spatial Mixes