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NSW Australia 2011

    Dolby Atmos / Spatial

    We are thrilled to be the first commercial music studio in Sydney to offer Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio mixing.

    Listen to our spatial mixes on Apple Music

    Dolby Atmos is a fully immersive, three-dimensional format that allows the listener to hear your music from above, behind and around. It can be experienced on headphones, compatible sound bars and 7.1.4+ speaker configurations and is currently supported by Apple Music, Amazon Music and TIDAL.

    Listening to music in Atmos format allows for more detail, separation and a huge sense of space. You’ll notice elements in songs that you’ve never heard before, and feel totally enveloped by the music. It will enhance the song’s emotion, increase tension and provide listeners with new experiences of songs they love.

    At Forbes Street Studios, we have configured Studio 1 with a 14-speaker Genelec monitoring system that has been tuned by Dolby (and sounds fantastic!), supplemented by an increase in Pro Tools and computing power.

    We have a team of trained engineers, working across a broad range of genres, who can deliver Dolby Atmos mixes. We also welcome all freelance engineers and producers to the studio, and can provide support to help them get setup and mixing quickly in the room.

    Our Spatial Mixes