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NSW Australia 2011

    Callum Howell

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    “Callum’s expertise and professionalism has ensured the band’s successes including an ARIA Award nomination, three LP records and hundreds of live shows both in Australia and abroad”

    Mitch Galbraith, Guitarist, Ocean Alley

    Working with Ocean Alley as their producer, engineer and mixer, Callum Howell has been the studio back-bone behind a band that has achieved massive success in recent years. Callum has produced the band’s work from the beginning, including their Triple J Hottest 100 anthem ‘Confidence‘ and the band’s latest album ‘Lonely Diamond’. Since then, he’s been produced and mixed several songs for The Rions, including their Triple J Unearthed High Winning “Night Light” (#51 on Hottest 100 2021) as well as recent and upcoming releases for Le Shiv. On the desk, he’s also mixed for Tori Forsyth‘s including her single ‘Falling Down’.

    A hands-on producer and mixer, Callum will get involved across the whole spectrum of a song, enhancing the groove, working on arrangements and refining tonal choices whilst constantly building layers throughout. He’s also a guitar player and pedal collector with an encyclopaedic knowledge of amps, drum kits, stomp boxes, delay and distortion.

    Aside from his successes with Ocean Alley, Callum works across many forms of pop, rock and metal. Over the years he has also worked for Studios 301, The Grove Studios, as an engineer for The Voice TV series… and he also recorded Anna Lunoe‘s vocal for Flume’s early hit ‘I Met You’ !!

    To sum it all up, Cal says “I’m a fan of authentic performances, things that feel real, throwbacks to older eras.”

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